Seven Quick Takes: Kid Edition

Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

My girl is really starting to talk a lot lately, and it is so cute. It seems like every day there’s some new word that she says and we find ourselves saying “did you hear her say ___?” She says “WUN” as in “one … two … three” and then races across the room to grab us. She says “GO!” as in “ready … set … GO!” when she’s doing the same thing; apparently it just depends on her mood.

— 2 —

My mother-in-law returned home Monday afternoon (home = Arizona). This was kind of a strange visit; she was in the state for almost 3 weeks, but we saw her for only 10 days, and those days were all split up with a couple of days here, then she’d be gone, then back, and repeat and repeat. It actually ended up being kind of rough on the kids; it was never a long enough stretch for H to get used to her, and there were so many goodbyes for G and he tends to be CRANKY CRANKY CRANKY the first day after she leaves. So there were a lot of cranky days. So, my hopes for all that I’d accomplish during her visit did not come true; she was here a lot less than I thought, H never wanted to stay with her so that I could have some peace and quiet, and we ended up having to use two of her afternoons here dealing with buying the van. Ok, so it didn’t take the whole afternoon, but it took up all of H’s naptime which in many ways is the same difference. My thinking/blogging/organizing time was claimed.

— 3 —

H has taken after her big brother and is OBSESSED with eating ice. All the time. And our ice maker cannot keep up with the demand of three ice fiends. I’ve taken to virtually never getting ice in my drinks so that there’s as much as possible for the other three people in the house. I’d buy some ice cube trays to try and help with the demand, but our freezer is a drawer, and the one time I tried to do that, it ended up sloshing water everywhere when I closed it. And that was trying to close it gently! I know me to know that there’s no way I want to deal with the cleanup of the regular spills that would result from me trying to fill lots of ice cube trays. So instead R buys a bag of ice every so often and dumps it into the bin. Kind of ridiculous, I know.

— 4 —

I don’t think I have any pictures from Halloween that turned out, but my kids were ridiculously cute. And that’s not just my opinion; several of the houses where we visited I heard them saying as they opened / shut the door that they were the cutest trick or treaters they’d seen all night. It helps having small kids, I realize. G was a firefighter, and H was a tiger. G’s costume was really cool, but H’s was ADORABLE. She wore the hood happily, and toddled around in the little suit that came complete with a tail. Seriously, it was unbelievably cute. And their cuteness scored with a boatload (err, wagonload) of candy.

— 5 —

We went to Costco earlier this week and I thought that G was going to lose his mind at some of the toy displays. There was this one train table and then a fire station/police station doll house that had him enthralled. I’m not sure what we’ll end up getting him (them?) for Christmas, but I’m thinking this may be the last year he won’t have really really strong opinions on what he should get. And I might be wrong about that; last year might have been it. ;)

— 6 —

H’s hair is starting to grow, but for right now it’s mostly growing in the back so she’s almost-kinda-borderline getting a mullet. Yeah, I’m keeping a close watch on that and will be trimming it before it gets to be a true mullet.

— 7 —

Both kids have very strong opinions on car rides. As in, they like them and feel that they should always be brought along on any trips that are going on. Daddy going to hang out with his friends? It’s all I can do to peel them away from the door. And H’s tears and fury are amazing. Daddy will be doing that hang-out-with-friends thing tonight, and I’m not especially looking forward to their reaction when they realize that someone is going somewhere and not taking them. There will be tears. There might be tantrums.

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