Switch to Gentle, Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

    One Bite at a Time Project 49, Switch to Gentle, Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

    I hate to just skip a project, especially when I’m so close to the end, but I’ve got to admit: I’m not really feeling project 49. I’ve tried the natural toothpastes, and they exacerbated my sensitive teeth so I went back to the toothpaste my dentist recommended for me.

    I’ve tried castile soap and it was awful on my skin.

    I’ve tried some homemade body lotion and, well, I can’t afford to use them exclusively because I typically use so much lotion (ridiculously dry skin here, and yes, I know that the homemade or hard lotions are supposed to be able to use less. I used less, but I still need to use way more than I think most people must.)

    I’m guessing that it must just be my skin, because I know those sorts of products work for a lot of people. I have super sensitive skin and have to be very careful about what I put on it, so I’m going to stick with the brands I’ve learned will work for me and not cause reactions. I wish the more natural, eco-friendly ones worked for me; I love the idea, and I’d love the savings they’d provide.

    Do you use any natural beauty products?

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