Use the Envelope System

    One Bite at a Time Project 48, Use the Envelope System

    Yeah, I don’t exactly follow Tsh’s method here. We rarely use cash (even though earlier this year I said I was going to give it a try; life intervened and I still haven’t attempted it.) We do use “virtual” envelopes via the budget I keep. The Excel spreadsheet I’ve developed has lots of line items and most of them end up working as sinking funds. When we want to know how much money we have for something, it’s very easy for me to see.

    Need to buy a new computer hard drive? There’s a “computer” line item. Clothes? We all have our own category. If anything, I’ve gone overboard on the number of categories but it makes me happy tracking it in Quicken and Excel.

    But actually running to the credit union to withdraw cash? That doesn’t make me happy. So for now, it doesn’t happen.

    Do you use an envelope system? Physical or virtual envelopes?

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