Evaluate Your Home

    One Bite at a Time Project 50, Evaluate Your Home

    So close to finishing the book, I have to get back to it and wrap up the final projects. And number 50, Evaluate Your Home, is one that we’ve kind of been in the process of doing for a couple of years.

    Two years ago we began house hunting, after living in our first home for 7 1/2 years. We’d been there long enough to know what worked well, and what we really wanted in our next house.

    Eighteen months ago we moved into that next house. It’s a great house, and it has most of what we wanted, so why are we still evaluating? Because there are things we’d like to change, ranging from simple to potentially more complex. And what we haven’t decided is what all we really want to do, and what sort of time frame we want to do it in.

    For example: Our kitchen sink and faucet aren’t the greatest. Kitchen sinks and faucets are also fairly inexpensive and are easy to replace. Except our counters are in terrible shape. Stained, scratched, and peeling laminate make them also something we’d like to replace. Not so inexpensive and not something Mr. SJ can do by himself, like he can the sink and faucet. We’ve also talked about making some changes to the kitchen layout, which makes things not only more expensive and complicated, but it means that we definitely don’t want to have spent money on new counters if we’d end up with a new layout and counters that no longer fit. So until we know what we want to do, we’ve done nothing. Not even replace the sink.

    We’re also doing some thinking about the master bedroom and bath. From a simple change of adding one window (my biggest complaint with the house is probably that the natural light is skimpy, so adding a window would be a big help), to potentially bigger changes.

    What we’re not really considering right now is moving. We just did, and neither of us want to do that again any time soon. We like where we live, and we love our house. It works well for us, and we’re thrilled that circumstances fell into place for us to get it.

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