Get Help

    One Bite at a Time Project 51, Get Help

    I think Project 51, Get Help, could easily have been one of the first projects included in the book, but then I think that perhaps Tsh organized it this way because after working through 50 earlier projects you’ve probably gotten a better idea of what sort of help you most need.

    I know where I need/want help the most. I’d love to find a mother’s helper to come over a couple of mornings a week and play with the kids. Take them outside if the weather allows. Play games with them. Just … entertain them to give me a break. Time to read a book that requires closer attention. Time to write. Time to deal with household tasks such as paying bills and updating the budget. Time to tackle bigger projects like the basement storage mess. All those things that are at best, really really difficult to do with small helpers. One day a week for more traditionally seen as productive sorts of stuff, and one day a week for things that are more productive in the “keeping Sheila sane” realm would be glorious.

    Why haven’t I done this? The challenge of finding someone. The feeling that I’m being frivolous with our money by wanting something like this. The knowledge that it would require some creative budget rearranging to work it out to be a regular occurrence.

    I think the main reason I haven’t made it happen is guilt. Guilt that I feel like I shouldn’t spend our money like this. Guilt that as a stay-at-home-mom I feel like I shouldn’t need help during the day.

    So how do I move beyond these feelings? I know that having a regular break from the kids would make me a better mom the rest of the time, so how do I stop feeling so guilty about wanting it?

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