Getting Brave

It’s a new year, and I’m trying to continue the trend that I started last year of stepping out of my comfort zone (read: rut) and do things that scare me.

I scare easily.

Last year it was going to a Hello Mornings meetup. In person. And while I was nervous, that led to me meeting some ladies who have turned into good friends. Real-life friends.

It also led me to my bookclub, which has been so awesome.

Last year it was also attending (in)RL – another in-person meetup. Maybe not quite as nerve-wracking, because two of new friends from that Hello Mornings meetup were there as well.

And (in)RL? Led to another friendship that has been supportive and encouraging. It also led to me attending Influence last fall, which led to …

Well, you get the idea. Small steps of bravery (that might not seem so brave) led to bigger things.

And yesterday I took another small step, that might or might not lead to other things, but at the very least it kept me from giving in to fear, and that alone makes it a big step.