Seven Quick Takes: Kid Edition

Seven Quick Takes

Feel like it’s been ages since I did one of these. Perhaps because it has been. ;)

— 1 —

H continues to pick up words on a daily basis. She’s 18 1/2 months, and it’s such a fun age. She’s also just getting into the “I have some strong opinions about things and I am not hesitant to let you know them” age, which isn’t quite as fun.

— 2 —

We just said goodbye to my inlaws again after a very very brief visit. And they don’t have another visit planned as of yet – it seems like forever when we’ve said goodbye to them without already knowing when we would see them next. I’m sure it won’t be all that long though – the two grandkids out here are too much of a draw.

— 3 —

We got the kids a small table, and they’ve had a few afternoons where they have actually played at it together. Peacefully. It was so astonishing to me that I took some pictures of it to show their dad when he finished working. He was shocked as well – “They were playing together????” Well, not really together so much as next to each other, but either way. Progress.

— 4 —

H is a much bigger fan of crayons than G ever was – I’d try him on them every so often but he was never interested. He’s started to like coloring now, and H has to color as well whenever he is. And she’s also done some coloring even when he wasn’t – unfortunately all over the walls. I missed a crayon when I thought I’d gathered them all up after they were done. So most of the downstairs walls are scribbled on in blue crayon, right at H height.

— 5 —

G got his hair cut last weekend and was not at all sure about that “lean back into the sink to get his hair wet” thing. The faces he made during it were hilarious! So wish I’d had a camera with me to capture them. Once he got into the chair he did a great job of sitting still and letting our friend J cut his hair. And he looks like a different kid once he gets the mop cut back. As J said, he’s got my hair – ridiculously thick and heavy.

— 6 —

Still no need for H’s first haircut. I’ve tried to put barrettes in her hair but she never leaves them alone, instead yanking them out as soon as I get them fastened (the little baby barrettes as her hair is still so fine and wispy). Yanking them out that way ends up pulling hair out as well so I’ve stopped trying.

— 7 —

H got a baby doll from her aunt & uncle for Christmas and she LOVES it. She immediately had a new bedtime routine – must have baby tucked under her arm before she can go to sleep. It’s so cute hearing her call “Beebee!” when she spots her baby doll as we get her settled for bed.

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