Poor Baby…

G had his 4-month doctor’s visit yesterday. He looks great, and the doctor couldn’t hear the heart murmur he had at his 1-month visit so that’s wonderful.

What’s not so wonderful is the bad timing of the visit in relation to when he wanted to nap, and then the oral vaccine & two shots he received. He was soooooo tired that he was crying when the doctor was just listening to his heart & lungs; he wanted to be left alone to sleep! Then when he got that stuff squirted into his mouth the tears really flowed. All topped off by two shots in his thigh. He was such a sad baby after that. I nursed him for a bit in the room to get him settled down, then he fell asleep in his car set on the drive home, and slept in that for another hour (usually even if he’s fallen asleep in the car seat, he wakes up as soon as we stop moving).

He was restless all day yesterday, and fairly cranky and tired. He also had a ROUGH night (which means I had a rough night too.) He’s napping well today, but I’m trying to decide if I should think about discouring him from napping too much in hopes of a better night’s sleep for both of us tonight.

Fortunately we won’t have to do that again until January.

Baby Stuff

How do I balance enjoying the baby & all of that with also documenting/preserving memories? I thought of a story about him today that I should blog. Of course right at that moment I was in the midst of feeding him, so I couldn’t write it down. Now, I have no idea what it was.

I don’t want to forget his babyhood, but I also want to enjoy it while it’s happening and not ignore him to write things down or photograph him etc.

Baby Updates

G had his 2 month appointment this week. Two months! I know, every mom says it, but still. It seems impossible that it’s been two months already. And I still haven’t managed to write up his birth story.

The big news from his appointment was his stats – 26 inches long and 14 pounds 5 ounces. Let me repeat that: FOURTEEN POUNDS, FIVE OUNCES. a.k.a. a whole lotta baby.

And let’s not overlook that length; it’s 99th percentile and 4 inches more than his birth length. No wonder I feel like he eats a lot.

Everything looks good with him other than his moderate-to-severe case of cradle cap. He’s quite scaly, and the doctor suggested using dandruff shampoo twice a week. If only I’d remembered to buy some at the store…

Not so good news is his bottle strike. It began with just him needing lots of encouragement to take a bottle. Then it was refusing a bottle now & then. Then always refusing the bottle. And now it doesn’t matter what’s in the bottle; he reacts as if we’re torturing him by offering it.

This does not bode well for me ever leaving the boy.

He’s still super cute though!

Still Here

I *hope* (no, really, I’m serious) to start blogging more regularly this month. And by regularly, I’m thinking twice a week. Last week I had a visitor (hi Susan!) and felt like my limited time with a functioning brain should be spent talking with her rather than writing here. She can attest to just how little time that is; I felt like most of the time I was saying how tired I am and how I couldn’t wait to go to bed as soon as G would let me.

And speaking of G, he’s doing well. He’s generally very happy, as long as mama holds him. He’s content to spend a little time with others, or in his bouncy seat, or gazing at his activity gym, but generally he tires of that after about 10 minutes or so and wants to go back to me. I’ve almost perfected internet surfing with one hand, because I’ve got a lot of time where he’s dozing in my arms, and will wake up if I put him down, but is out of it enough where I can fritter my time away looking at blogs or recipe sites. If I could figure out how to write using only a mouse there would be a lot more posts here I can tell you.

G discovered his mobile a couple of weeks ago and that’s a sure-fire way for me to get some time for me to run to the bathroom, or get a snack, and he’s so enthralled in the motion that he doesn’t care that I’ve left him. I’m trying not to overuse it lest it loses its effectiveness.

I’m hoping to get out of the house soon to go shopping – I fairly desperately need a few nursing tops; making do with my old shirts isn’t working so well and if I hope to nurse in public I’ll be better off with more than two shirts that allow it modestly. So far my desire for the shirts hasn’t outweighed my reluctance to drag him with me to shops & squeeze into the dressing room as I try things on – just the logistics seem like more trouble than I’m wanting to handle right now. I could leave him with L and go out alone, but in the evenings after dinner I’m too tired to face it. Perhaps this weekend…

G still has some issues with his dad – he won’t look at him (as in make eye contact or even look at his face in general), and often in the evenings he doesn’t want to be held by him at all. He does better earlier in the day still fortunately, but I hope that the outgrows this evening thing soon. I just feel so bad for L!


I’m not doing so well at regularly blogging right now. Can’t imagine why.

Some of it is just that there isn’t much going on in my life other than the obvious, taking care of G. And that isn’t really very different day-to-day. Life at six weeks is about the same as it was at four weeks. I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible, and keep us fed and the house somewhat presentable. Beyond that… I’ve got nothing.

I am thinking about some bloggy changes. Not quitting the blog, just some changes…

I have lots of ideas of things I’d like to do, both online and in real life, but naptime is too short. And I have to remind myself that I’ve still been recovering from the c-section. At what point is that excuse too old to use anymore? Probably today, since I’m officially no longer “disabled” as far as work is concerned and I should have been back at work today. I still have another 6 weeks through FMLA, but if I couldn’t take unpaid leave I’d have had to be back today.

Honestly, that seems completely crazy to me. In no way are either of us ready for me to be working full time again already. I am so grateful that I have the flexibility & didn’t have to return so soon.

Six weeks. It’s flown by. I’m sure the next six weeks will too.

I’m so blessed.

One Month

G had his one month well baby visit yesterday. He’s not gained as much weight as they would like, so I’m being encouraged to supplement with formula. I am discouraged about that.

G also has a small heart murmur which the doctor said is not uncommon, and with most kids it disappears by their first birthday, but still, I’d rather he not have one at all.

And, G has now decided that he hates his father and only wants me to hold him. I feel so bad for L and also would like to rest my arms and back at times.

I sound really negative with that, so let’s focus on the positive. G is starting to smile, especially if you tickle his chin or cheek. It’s absolutely enchanting.

He also is quite strong, and turns himself from one side to the other when we put him to sleep. I fully expect him to completely turn over in the not so distant future. He also tries to stand and is more successful at it than I’d expect from such a young baby.

His face is still a mess – too many hormones have him quite rashy. I hope that clears up soon so his pictures start looking better.

Nursing is absolutely one of his favorite things – and he seems to be quite the foodie in that he smacks his lips and nibbles at me as if he’s proclaiming over an exquisite morsel or fine bottle of wine. And then he’s had enough of that and he dive-bombs right in for his meal. It’s one of the funniest sights! And sounds too, because he’s very vocal about it – lots of coos and grunts and other noises.

I’m finding more time to read than I’d expected (what with all the nursing) but less time to write or do anything else that requires more than one hand. We’re still not on any real routine, but I’m hoping that soon it will happen. I seem to be able to manage maybe 3 tasks in a day besides taking care of him. Typically that means dinner, a load of laundry and one other thing.

I’d hoped to make a dash to the library today during lunch, leaving G with his father, but G decided he wasn’t interested in eating anywhere near a time that would allow that to happen. Maybe tomorrow, or else I’ll be paying some late fees.

Getting it Together

So the baby is a little over 3 weeks old, and we’ve been home not quite 2 weeks. We’ve had both sets of grandparents visit, but they’ve all gone back to their homes now. We’re on our own.

And so far it’s ok. G is such a good baby – he doesn’t cry that much. Tears are mostly reserved for times of extreme hunger. And ok, for him any hunger is extreme, but hey, he’s a big boy & has to keep fueled. Tears also frequently accompany diaper changes because apparently those are EEEEEVVVVVVIIIIILLLLLL. The real fury is reserved for the most hated event of all – bath time! He SCREAMS in rage when I have the nerve to bathe him. Unsurprisingly, I bathe him as infrequently as possible because I hate doing something that gets him into such a temper. I’m hoping he’ll grow to love bath time, or else there will be a lot of screaming in our future.

Breastfeeding is improving; I went almost a week without having to give him any formula supplement, and if it wasn’t for our first outing over the weekend, and a lengthy doctor’s appointment for me today, I think we’d still be continuing our formula-free streak. I just couldn’t pump enough before my appointment, so I was pretty sure he’d be hungry before my return and my little bottle wouldn’t last him. And I ended up giving him a bottle as we drove home from our outing; I don’t think he’d gotten as much food as normal throughout the day as we were at the relative’s house, and then our long drive home had him in a fit. Hopefully we’ll get better at eating away from home soon. He still usually refuses to eat unless I’m using a shield so I hope to get him weaned off of that soon.

I managed to cook dinner tonight for the first time in a LONG time. I picked the menu carefully; it required no last minute work from me and was a very simple one to put together. The bonus was it was cheap, healthy and very tasty too! I love finding new recipes that are great. I’ll share the recipe eventually.