Seven Quick Takes

  1. Once again I’ve been dealing with a sick kid, but this time I’ve also been sick as is R. G is still high energy (although he is napping longer than usual, so I guess he’s not as full of energy), but R and I are sooooo exhausted and just trying to survive.
  2. I actually thought we were doing better and met a friend for lunch on Monday, but that evening seemed to bring a relapse. Someday we’ll shake it, but it would be nice if someday was soon.
  3. R is taking the entire week off next week. I am thrilled about this, as I’m hoping that in addition to resting up and getting healthy, he’ll be able to finish up the nagging projects that we need to tackle before we can list our house.
  4. The pregnancy is going well – I’m at 30 weeks now and am definitely rocking the baby belly. I would love to find a couple more shirts to wear as the weather warms up, but think I’ll need some G-free time to do that shopping. I still have all of my maternity clothes from G, but I was working full-time then and several of the shirts are just a little too dressy to feel right wearing in my new daily routine.
  5. I got Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners from the library recently and am loving it – I’ve made 3 dishes from it and they’ve all been winners. I’ve got plans to try her Reuben pizza for dinner soon also and hope that it proves as successful for us. Honestly, I’m halfway tempted to buy it except for the whole trying to sell the house and move thing which means I do not need to bring anything extra into the house that isn’t for staging purposes. Maybe a housewarming gift to myself once we get into a new place? Until then, I’ll enjoy using the library’s copy.
  6. I’m making a pie for R (blogging while waiting for the crust to cool enough to fill) and let’s just say that it will not be winning any awards for attractiveness. I experienced some major shrinkage while blind baking the crust, and it looks fairly ridiculous in addition to my usual blah crimping skills. At least it should still taste good to him!
  7. Homeselling while pregnant is not something I would ever recommend. I have to keep reminding myself that homeselling while parenting a toddler and newborn would not be easy either. What I wouldn’t give for someone to just knock on my door and offer to buy the house without us having to deal with getting the house ready to show. And even worse, trying to keep the house ready to show while a small tornado of destruction wends his way through the place. Gah. As much as it scares me to think about having two mortgages, it is so tempting to daydream about buying our new place first so that we could then stage the house without us having to live here.

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The Real News

I feel like I should have some super exciting or clever way of introducing this, but apparently my creativity has shriveled to nothingness. Instead I’ll just have to go ahead with it.

Um, yeah, turns out that October turned out to be a more momentous month than we’d expected when I got one of the biggest surprises ever with a positive pregnancy test.

It still seems crazy to me, after the struggles to get pregnant with G, that this one happened so easily. I absolutely consider it just as much of an amazing miracle as the first time around, and we were praying for it, but I still just want to laugh about how quickly it occurred.

I’m now 15 weeks along, so I’m into the second trimester. It’s been harder than my first pregnancy in that now I have a small child to take care of instead of just being able to worry only about myself, because I’m still vomiting virtually every day (often multiple times a day) and have lost weight again. I’ve got my 16-week checkup on Wednesday so I’ll get the latest numbers and see if my doctor again tells me to eat “more highly caloric foods.” That is something I never imagined I would hear from a doctor, let me assure you.

Because of the thyroid problem I’ve developed I am being monitored more closely, and I do have some higher risks with this pregnancy, so I’m very relieved to have made it through the first trimester, and am praying for this baby’s continued health and safety.

One Year Ago

No, G isn’t quite a year old yet. But he could be if he’d cooperated a bit more.

It was a year ago today when I went for my 38 week doctor’s appointment and discovered that my blood pressure was alarmingly high. As in, hustle me right over to the ob triage area for evaluation. And then let me go home to get my stuff (and husband) and then return to the hospital a couple hours later for an induction.

Said induction went nowhere and my blood pressure dropped enough where the doctor felt comfortable letting me go home as long as I spent my time on the couch. Or in bed, or wherever I wanted as long as it was horizontal.

I brought up this anniversary with R last night and he was stunned. Not just that it’d been a year, but that it was so much earlier than G’s final arrival date. He stuck it out in there until he was finally forced out with a surgical eviction following another induction. I asked R if he didn’t remember me sitting on the couch all those days?

“No. Not really.”

Heh. I just remember being so thankful for the tv and my laptop. I couldn’t concentrate enough to read much of anything, so I watched a lot of the food network. That was a bad idea in some ways – I found that I kept wanting to make things they showed, but my time on my feet was limited to things like “waddle to the bathroom” and “shower” so no real cooking for me.

With today being the anniversary of my failed induction, that means that this week (Tuesday I think? I’m less clear on that exact date.) is also the anniversary of my last day at work. That’s somewhat bittersweet. I am 100% thrilled to be home with G, don’t get me wrong, but I miss my friends at work. I try to see them every month or so, but an hour or two every 4 or 5 weeks isn’t the same.

Food Issues

Amalah had a column this week & last about food issues continuing postpartum. I couldn’t manage to write out a comment last week about food aversions because it reminded me of the endless vomiting that was most of pregnancy for me.

This week’s column about food cravings wasn’t so bad however and did bring to mind a good memory of eating Rice Krispie treats from a package my mom mailed to me (I even commented over there). They were supposed to be for R (most of the rest of the box was chosen with me in mind, but the treats were definitely R’s). However, this one day I could keep NOTHING down, and even when I’d think about something to eat the mere thought of it would make me gag.

(My doctor told me at my next appointment when I admitted how bad that day & others had been that I probably should have gone to the hospital to be rehydrated. Whoops.)

After one day where it was a struggle to keep water from reappearing, the next day appeared that it would be similar. I was on the couch, bucket on the floor beside me, when Rice Krispie treats came to mind. And didn’t make me gag. Hmmmm….

I went to the box o’ goodies my mom had sent and dug out the treats. Ate one. I may have never tasted anything that was so amazingly delicious. Hunger might have had something to do with my extreme feelings, I realize.

Thirty minutes later I ate another one. And I continued to eat one after the other, spaced anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes apart (just to make sure they’d stay down.) I tried to think of other foods that I could eat, but everything that came to mind made me heave. So I stuck with the treats. And finished off the batch and mourned that there were not more for me.

Fortunately that day marked the low point of the nausea for me. It didn’t end completely, but I never again had so much trouble keeping anything down. I’d at least manage one meal a day from then on.

I still love Rice Krispie treats in a way that I never did pre-pregnancy. And I still love that my mom mailed me care packages with them throughout the pregnancy. Thanks mom!


Garrett was born on 7/9/09 (and I was hoping he’d be a 7/8/9 baby), following 43 hours of labor capped off by a c-section. He just wouldn’t come out!

Once the doctor pulled him out the reason he wouldn’t budge became obvious – our little guy wasn’t so little! He was a very unexpected 10 pounds, 3.8 ounces. No, that’s not a typo, he really was that big. Since L was 8 pounds 6 ounces, and I was 6 pounds 6 ounces, we’re not sure what happened with G.

Unfortunately, G had inhaled some meconium, and we knew he’d have to be immediately suctioned out. What we hadn’t known was just how much he’d inhaled, and the fact that he would end up with a collapsed lung and other breathing issues that sent him to the NICU. L got to accompany G to the NICU as they worked on him, but I wasn’t able to see him for several hours, and even then we couldn’t hold him until the next day. On the 10th I was able to hold him just long enough to shift him to be weighed, and then back into his oxygen tent.

Saturday (the 11th) he’d improved enough where he could come out of the oxygen tent, so we were both able to hold him. L gave him his first bath (helped by the nurse), and I started attempting to nurse.

We were finally able to bring G home on Tuesday, so he spent 5 days in the NICU. We’re recuperating, and G is doing great. Nursing is ok; because he was supplemented with formula while I was unable to hold him (and obviously nurse), I’m still working to get my supply up to what he needs. It’s been a bit of a struggle.

I’m also slowly recovering from the section. I’m gradually feeling able to accomplish a little more during the brief moments of time I have between feeding G and feeding myself. ;) I hope to be able to start posting semi-regularly again soonish.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. We needed them.

The picture is of G in his NICU room, just before we left for home. His going home outfit choice was limited because he was so much bigger than we’d expected; those cute newborn outfits just wouldn’t fit!

Induction Attempt, Take Two (a.k.a. we’re off to the hospital)

We’re leaving in a few minutes for the hospital.  Unfortunately I am not in labor so they’re going to have to induce me.  I was really hoping I’d start on my own. 

I’ll update when I can – can’t wait to show off the little guy!

Prayers appreciated.  Thanks!

Week Forty

And this will hopefully be my last post before baby. Even though I’m currently into week forty-one, I think I’ll just skip ahead to the birth post.

So! Week forty was filled with adventure and excitement. Or not. Actually it was filled with sitting on the couch, frequent visits to the bathroom, and two doctor’s visits which entailed sitting in a chair (for much longer than the 20 minutes they always claimed it would be) while trying to keep the baby heart rate monitor registering his heart rate. Which meant that I had to hold the monitor down at the right angle, and occasionally chase the little guy as he moved enough to no longer be registering. But it was fun hearing his lovely heart beat.

Oh, and cervix checks each visit too because those are so much fun too. Especially when it ends up being no change at all. Woo-hoo! I’m 1 cm dilated and have been for over a week! I’ll be at 10 cm before I know it!

I’m really not as cranky as that previous paragraph may make me sound. I just kind of wish I could have skipped several of those earlier cervix checks since it’s not like anything is happening and they’re not really comfortable if you know what I mean.

Besides the doctor’s visits Monday and Thursday, I’ve basically been on the couch. When I’m not in bed that is, but that’s only for sleeping because it’s not as comfortable for me as the couch is.

May I just say how much I appreciate my laptop during this? It’s been awesome, because daytime TV is dreadful. And I love being able to (usually) watch baseball games over the computer thanks to L’s subscription (which is technically thanks to my parents, because that’s been their birthday gift to L for I forget how many years it’s been.)

I’ve had occasional contractions, but I’m certainly not in labor yet. I have not quite 24 more hours to start on my own before they’ll begin induction proceedings, so I’m thinking this baby will have to be forced out.

We’re due to show up at the hospital tomorrow at 6 PM. Depending on the state of my cervix they may do several more doses of gel, or they may go straight to pitocin, or they may break my water. I won’t know until then. What I do know is that they won’t let me go home this time without having delivered the baby.

So unless I get really inspired tomorrow, I probably won’t post again until after he’s arrived. I won’t have my laptop in the hospital, but I may see if I can text an update via twitter or something.

Yeah, we’re excited. :)