Playtime, Seven Quick Takes Style

— 1 —

Playtime, this week’s p52 theme, makes me think of children. And children? Well I’ve got two of those and they do love to play, especially outside. We’ve had some really hot and humid weather recently, but that doesn’t stop them, they still want to play in the fresh air.


— 2 —

we have a huge backyard, with some nice shade trees, and a screened in porch that can be a good compromise for a boy who wants to be in the backyard, and a mom who doesn’t want to die of heatstroke. And our backyard has a big playset with swings, and a slide, and thanks to some sweaty work from Mr. SJ, it now includes a small sandbox. Let the sand play begin!

— 3 —

In anticipation of a long, hot summer, we also got a small, inflatable pool. It ended up being a little bigger than I expected (either I didn’t read the measurements on the box, or they didn’t register). If we would ever set it up, I’m sure the kids will love it (hopefully next week)

— 4 —

We also got a sprinkler so the kids can run through it (or, in baby H’s case, toddle through it.)


(Although she did go through, over, and stood on the sprinkler this day, most of the soaking you can see in her dress and hair were directly from the hose, with the sprayer nozzle attached. She was trying to catch the water as daddy was watering plants.)

— 5 —

The wagon continues to be a big hit for backyard amusement. G likes to pile his toys into it and pull it around the yard. He’d like me to put his sister in and let her ride, but I don’t have enough faith in his smooth driving skills to allow that yet.

— 6 —

I wasn’t sure that anything would supplant the swing as baby girl’s favorite thing, but the pool just might. She loves splashing in the bathtub, so I’m sure that she will love the kiddie pool.

— 7 —

One of my favorite things about outside playtime? It almost guarantees tired kids who need an earlier bedtime and sleep soundly all night!


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I could have easily just taken another picture of my kids like I had for last week and that would hit the theme of “Favorites” easily.

However, this week offered a can’t-miss opportunity that tied in beautifully with the theme. There was a nearby “touch-a-truck” event one afternoon where lots of city vehicles were available for kids to crawl inside, pretend to drive, honk the horn, and just get up close and personal with all the vehicles the city uses. There were so many vehicles – fire engine, police cruiser, dump truck/snow plow, roller, street sweeper, lots of mowers of various sizes, a HUGE John Deere tractor, and vehicles where I don’t even know their real name (Like a cherry picker? Is that really the name for it?)

My son had so. much. fun. He was running around exclaiming “LOOK AT THAT BIG TRUCK! LOOK AT THAT FIRE TRUCK! LOOK AT THAT TRACTOR!!”

Most of the pictures I snapped are similar to this one – he would never look at the camera because he was too excited steering and honking the horns.

He had a fantastic time, and it was definitely one of his favorite days ever. The picture is of him inside the fire engine, where he had to turn every dial and push every lever he could reach.

Have you ever been to a similar event? What is your favorite work vehicle? For my son, I think it’s a tie between a fire engine and a big tractor.

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I’m cheating a bit with the theme for this week’s photo, “Mothers.” Both my mother and mother-in-law live out of state, so I couldn’t get a picture of theme for the week. I am terrible at self-portraits so I didn’t even try getting myself in a photo.

Instead I photographed the two children that gave me the title of “mother.” I have renewed admiration for children’s photographers, because trying to get both of them cooperating in one photo was hugely challenging.

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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Still Life

Still Life

“Still Life,” the theme for this week’s photo, immediately brought to mind paintings of fruit and flowers. It also brought to mind my son, the antithesis of “still life” if there ever was one.

Instead of trying to get a photo of my son in a rare still moment (you can see one of those at last week’s “Siesta” picture), or a composed photo of cut flowers arranged in a vase like my mental image of “Still Life,” I decided to shoot the beautiful flowers that are now blooming outside my front window.

Why? Because flowers are something that can still my son when we go for walks. He is so high-energy, and races his motorcycle as fast as he can, but when we come across flowers he has to stop every time and give them all a sniff. Often I have trouble keeping him from racing up to people’s front doors if they have flowers flanking the doorway; he wants to smell them all. I try and contain him to flowers that are accessible from the sidewalks only.

What do you think of for “Still Life?”

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My son almost never naps any more (unfortunately for me), but it had been a busy day and he conked out while watching a TV show.

Invariably when he falls asleep midday, it’s in the oddest positions that have me wondering how on earth that can possibly be comfortable enough to sleep. And yet he does.

Do you take a siesta during the day? I would love to if I could just get my kids to cooperate!

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It’s Spring in Indiana, and that means that all the trees and yards and bushes and other plants are coming back to life. For this prompt, I had to get a photo of one of the trees in my backyard as I looked up to the sky – it’s one of my favorite views!

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Things That Grow

Unlike last week’s theme where I struggled to figure out how to interpret it, and never did really like my idea or photograph, this week it was clear what I wanted to photograph. I have young children, of course they are the first things I think of for “things that grow.” And then my baby took her first unassisted steps last Saturday at only 9 1/2 months, so it was even more perfect to feature her.

Until Tuesday morning, when both kids were near the front door when the garbage truck was going down the street. They were FASCINATED by watching it, and both of them stood at the glass door, glued to its movement.

The picture isn’t the greatest, because I had to move fast before the truck left, but I love how it captures both of them:


But since I don’t want to ignore baby girl after her big milestone, here she is, so proud of herself:



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