House Reboot, Week 2

That’s right, I’m including all the week’s reboot posting in one day.

Why is that you wonder? Because I did so very little rebooting this week, that’s why!

My sister-in-law came for a brief visit with her two kids, and instead of ignoring them to clean my house, I visited with her while the kids all played. We put up the pool in the backyard. We went to the zoo. We ate ice cream.

Cleaning did not happen, other than the basics of washing dishes so that we would have something on which to eat our next meal.

She left this afternoon, so it’s back to our usual routine. I’ve got a mountain of laundry to do, a grocery list to finalize, and a grocery store to visit. Once that’s done I need to make a cake or pie or something for my husband for father’s day. Only then should I get started on any “extra” cleaning projects.

But right now I’ve got a sleeping baby and a son who is hanging out with his daddy in the basement watching a movie. I’m about to shut this computer down and read a book.

It’s summer you know? The house reboot can wait a little longer. :)

House Reboot, Days 4 and 5

I’m still feeling somewhat ahead of the game with Sarah Mae’s House Reboot. The assignments for Days 4 and 5 continued on in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is probably the most organized area in my entire house, which is why this first week has been so easy for me.

However, I know that eventually the challenge will move on to another area, and I’m sure to need to get cracking on it. So I’m still trying to do what is obvious so that maybe maybe when it’s assigned I’m not facing such a daunting task.

Yesterday though I didn’t do any project work. The day slipped away from me and then it was Friday evening and Mr. SJ was done working and well, no. I’m not doing any cleaning or organizing now.

Today my goal is to work more in the basement a.k.a. my dungeon.

Yup, this is just part of it. Cue scary / depressing music.

basement 1 before

House Reboot, Days 2 and 3

In a shocking turn of events, I managed to get AHEAD with the challenges. Day 1 was just to tackle my closet, but I added my dressers as well (and baby girl’s too because it’s actually in our bedroom since that’s working out the best for now).

And then Day 2′s assigned task was to deal with your dresser(s), and Day 3 was a catch-up day! So for maybe the first time in my life I’m not behind in a cleaning/organizing challenge.

I’m enjoying the feeling because I suspect it won’t last long once we get into areas that are more difficult for me (cough paper).

Rather than bask in the glorious status of not being behind, I assigned myself to work on the basement storage area. Food, luggage, entertaining supplies, and especially KIDS STUFF (outgrown clothes, clothes to grow into, baby gear, toys that are being rotated in and out of the playroom).

It’s ugly down there.

I’ll share pictures of the chaos, but I haven’t gotten them off my camera yet, and that’s a slow process.

Tackling My Closet and Dressers {House Reboot, Day 1}

Yesterday I described my issues with distractions, and how I attempt to avoid them (or at least minimize them).

But Day 1 of Sarah Mae’s House Reboot Challenge wasn’t over – I still had to address the Martha Challenge. Today it was tackling my closet, and believe it or not, I don’t have much to clean out. You’re skeptical? Well, it’s because we moved just last year so I did a major purge. I do have clothes I don’t currently wear, but I’m holding on to them because they’re part of my multi-stage wardrobe. (Multi-stage wardrobe means early pregnancy, late pregnancy, nursing, not pregnant or nursing). Since I’m not entirely sure if we’re done having children, I’m not ready to get rid of the maternity clothes. Right now I’m wearing my nursing clothes, but I do hope to eventually get back into some of my not-nursing-friendly shirts.

But! I still needed to work on my closet because I am LAZY and it was a messy mess thanks to me being sloppy about putting stuff away. I expanded the challenge to include my dressers because I am terrible about dumping items on top and then never putting them away.

So, here is my shameful closet:

1 Closet before

dresser (for my pjs, shorts, sweaters, linens. It also holds some of my husband’s clothes):

3 Dresser 1 before

dresser (that holds undies / socks / similar items):

5 Dresser 2 before

6 Dresser 2 before top

and dresser (for baby girl’s clothes):

9 Dresser 3 before
(yes, I am very very embarrassed to post this.)

The closet still doesn’t photograph all that well, but it is back in order. The boxes on the floor are my giveaway box (which I take to Goodwill when it’s full), and two boxes of outgrown baby clothes – one for our items which go into the basement in case we have another girl someday, and one for her cousin’s borrowed items that also go into the basement until I either mail them back, or we have another way to get them out to them.

2 Closet after

I had the first dresser cleaned off in two minutes. Put folded sheets into bottom drawer. Match the boy’s socks and take them into his room, bringing along tray of vehicles he’d left in our room. Move magazines into my “office” to see why I’d set them aside in the first place.

4 Dresser 1 after

The second dresser took three minutes to tidy up the surface, and that’s mostly because I went to get a cloth to wipe up my the powder that scatters when I do my makeup in the morning. Otherwise it’d have been one minute, max.

7 Dresser 2 after

8 Dresser 2 after top

Baby girl’s dresser took five minutes, because I needed to fold some of those clothes, and hang some of mine that had also gotten dumped there one night when it was late and I was tired.

10 Dresser 3 after

(There’s a photo bomb by one of my “good” distractions!)

It feels a lot nicer.

Dealing with Distractions {House Reboot, Day 1}

So, Sarah Mae’s first challenge for her house reboot challenge discusses distractions. You mean I’m not the only one?

I could feel happy that TV isn’t my issue, but that would be beside the point – TV may not be, but let’s talk about the computer, or more accurately, the internet.

It’s hard, because it’s not all bad in a pull-the-plug-entirely way. But do I still manage to waste time using it? Oh, yes, definitely.

I’m getting better – one thing having children has done for me is to make me much more careful about how I’m spending my time – but I still need to be careful or before I know it I’m spending hours pouring through the archives of Suri’s Burn Book (unfortunately, this is a true story of what I did just last week. I stayed up way too late laughing at the posts, but oh did I regret it the next day.)

    I’m most successful at avoiding distractions when I:

  1. Think about having to admit how I spent my time.
    “So, what’d you do yesterday?”
    “Well, I goofed off on the internet and read all the comments on a month’s worth of posts on a snarky blog. What did you do?”

    Yeah. Suddenly it’s easier to click that “x” button.

  2. Keep my to-do list and goals nearby and look at them regularly!
    I’ve been posting monthly goals (and I’ve got a LOT planned for June, post upcoming), so when I keep them nearby and look at them frequently it keeps me focused with my time. I want to be able to post that I accomplished what I planned!
  3. Give myself some veg-out time
    Some people seem to be able to go full-tilt all the time, but I’ve learned that I just don’t operate that way. Working with my personality, I allow myself to read the comments on blogs that have really thoughtful and helpful comments. I read fun blogs in little snippets of time (my iPod touch is great for that!) but don’t allow myself to read them when I’ve got bigger chunks of time.
  4. Remember that success breeds success (and unfortunately the opposite is true too)
    When I’m productive, it’s easier to keep on being productive. But if I goof off for an hour, another half hour slips by in a blink, and then suddenly it’s the entire evening. It’s easiest to get a good start on the day (Hello Mornings helps me here!) and get rolling on my to do list, because then I’m inspired to keep working and try and knock everything off the list.
  5. Keep my bigger goals in mind
    Similar to #2 above, but this is related to my kids. Would I be proud if they were following my example of how I’m spending my time? This usually is all I need to ask myself (I just don’t always remember to ask myself!)

I’ll be back later with an update on how I did on the Martha part of the challenge. There will be pictures, even though I’m cringing at sharing them.

How do you deal with distractions? What’s your biggest distraction – tv? computer? something else entirely?

A Big Reboot. Or, My House is a Wreck.

I would love to have a beautifully clean house.

I would love not to cringe at the thought of someone coming upstairs.

I would love not to feel disgust at the sight of my socks after walking across my kitchen floor.

I would love not to feel overwhelmed at the paper explosion that my daughter caused when she discovered the fun of pulling things off shelves. And desks. And out of file cabinets.

But with all of that? I still love other things more. Like reading to my kids. And reading for myself. And blogging. Housecleaning has fallen lower on the priority list, but after surveying the state of my house, I need to bump it up a bit.

And I’m not the only one. Sarah Mae is hosting a 31 Days to Clean Reboot during June, and Will I blog about it every day? Doubtful, but we’ll see how it goes. I may put up a weekly update instead. I may do brief posts daily. I’ll have to see what her challenges entail.

What I will do, because something’s gotta give if I’m going to do this, is put food posts on hiatus until this is done. I may need to cut other posts too, but I’ll start with those because they’re the most time consuming.