Use the Envelope System

    One Bite at a Time Project 48, Use the Envelope System

    Yeah, I don’t exactly follow Tsh’s method here. We rarely use cash (even though earlier this year I said I was going to give it a try; life intervened and I still haven’t attempted it.) We do use “virtual” envelopes via the budget I keep. The Excel spreadsheet I’ve developed has lots of line items and most of them end up working as sinking funds. When we want to know how much money we have for something, it’s very easy for me to see.

    Need to buy a new computer hard drive? There’s a “computer” line item. Clothes? We all have our own category. If anything, I’ve gone overboard on the number of categories but it makes me happy tracking it in Quicken and Excel.

    But actually running to the credit union to withdraw cash? That doesn’t make me happy. So for now, it doesn’t happen.

    Do you use an envelope system? Physical or virtual envelopes?

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Seven Quick Takes: Influence Conference Edition

Yup, I’m already cheating by having a post here simply link to the other blog.

It’s all about next week’s Influence Conference.


Nothing like an unexpected blogging break courtesy of some malware.

I think I’m back. Maybe I should change that to I hope I’m back!

The picture has nothing to do with the post, I just couldn’t find a related photo and instead decided to toss in an old picture of my baby girl. Because I think she’s cute. :)


Pinterest Changes

It seems like the whole issue of Pinterest and Copyright has been blowing up in the blogosphere lately. There’s the lawyer who deleted all of her boards. There’s the artist who took steps to prevent any of her images being pinned.

I don’t want to stop using Pinterest entirely, but I know that I’ve been sloppy about repinning images and not ensuring that they’re legitimately and legally pinned.

While yes, I don’t want to have to worry about getting sued, I also don’t want to violate someone’s copyright even if they never would sue me. It’s wrong, and it doesn’t matter if I’m linking back to the original site and giving credit.

So, I’m no longer repinning much. And I’m working my way through my boards to see what (if anything) can stay. I’m not to the point of deleting everything, but I’m doing lots of deleting.

And if this doesn’t scare you and you’re still interested in using you’re interested in reading even more about Pinterest, check out Blogging with Amy’s Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips. It’s a terrific resource on using Pinterest, and has other ideas for using it as a blogger.

My favorite Pinterest tip? If you highlight something on the page you’re pinning (like, say, the title of the post), when you use the “Pin It” button you can add to your bookmarks, it automatically populates the description from what you highlighted. Awesome!

  1. Still not managing to blog regularly, but a two-week gap is better than two months, or whatever it was last time. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, as I also remind myself that actually living my life is more important than blogging about it.

  2. Feeling much, much better lately – even to the point where I’m managing to get more than just the absolute basics accomplished. And by basics I mean food and laundry and taking care of the baby. I cooked dinner tonight and it was more than just patching together the easiest thing possible. I even made a dent towards cleaning off the kitchen table.
  3. Tomorrow I hope to try and make some no-knead bread. I’ve made their original version before with great success, so I’m looking forward to trying the whole-wheat version.
  4. I’ve got plans to go to the library tomorrow. By myself! It’s amazing how exciting that seems now. I’ve got a bunch of books on hold, but due to new, lower item limits, I’ve been scrambling to get enough books ready to return so that I’ll be able to check out all the new ones. I’m not going to share just what the item limit is because it is so ridiculous that I’m bumping up against it.
  5. G seems to have reliably his brief habit of trying out his new tooth while eating. He hasn’t done it at all since those first awful days. I am so relieved, and am no longer tensing up as he slows his eating pace, expecting a chomp at any moment. Hopefully he’s not just lulling me into a false sense of security to then begin gnawing away again.
  6. I’m

Pet Peeves

  • Abbreviating “computer” as “‘puter.” I pretty much cannot take anything you write seriously after that if you use that abbreviation.
  • People referring to their toddlers or other young children as “very active.” Because the only young children I’ve ever known who aren’t “very active” have had health issues of some sort. Really, you just need to say they’re young children. Then “very active” is pretty much assumed unless you give me reason to believe otherwise. No, I don’t know why this bugs me so much.
  • The misuse of good vs. well.
  • The misuse of it’s vs. its.

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