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My Goal for Seasoned Joy Is:

  • To inspire and motivate you to tackle home projects and tasks that will make your home a haven.
  • To share delicious recipes, because life is too short to eat bad food!
  • To suggest books that will make good use of your reading time.
  • To share stories of everyday life with my family.

Will you join me on my journey to use my time intentionally?
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About Me:
I’m Sheila, a Southern transplant to the Midwest. I’ve been married almost a decade to “R,”, and have two small children – a boy “G,” born in the summer of 2009, and a girl “H,” born in the summer of 2011.

I love to bake and try new recipes – I can almost never make a menu plan without at least one new meal for dinner. I am crazy about looking at cookbooks and always have a few checked out from the library.

I also love to read, and before kids I used to read over 400 books a year. Now I’m lucky to read a book a week, unless you count board books and such, in which case I read thousands of books a year. They’re just the same 50 books over and over and over.

I welcome hearing from you, so please feel free to comment on posts, or send me an email at sheila(at)seasonedjoy(dot)com.